Global Warming

[This is also known as: Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), Climate Change, Climate Disruption, etc.]

In our view the situation with Global Warming is very closely tied to Energy policies. For example, one of the main claims for wind energy is that it will make a consequential contribution to reducing CO2 (i.e. reduce the impact of Global Warming). Unfortunately (as with almost all wind energy claims) there is zero scientific proof for this assertion.

Even more to the point is the fact that our energy and environmental policies are NOT based on real Science at all, but are actually mostly written by special interest lobbyists. (This revelation will come as a surprise to most people.) Read through the material below and you’ll get a better understanding of why the Science is problematic in both situations.

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—> Global Warming: The Scientific View <— is my official position on the AGW matter. (Apologies that I’ve been too busy to update this for awhile. That said, the basics still apply.)

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