More Technical Information

This material is for those who understand energy basics, and want to become even more knowledgeable about these topics. Since there is so much material to cover, we’ve divided it into three categories, based on the topics that would be a part of a genuine scientific assessment: Technical, Economic and Environmental.

Remember that this is just a small sampling of energy related technical articles! If you can’t find the Technical information you’re interested in here, go to one of the sources listed on our Current News page and do a specific search in their archives for what you are looking for.


The Decline of Science is about THE paramount challenge of our times

Comparing Apples to Orangutans — a key to understanding the technical issue with wind energy

Beware Windpower’s “Homes Served” Claims

Safety in Numbers explains how can so many people be wrong about such things as wind energy

An insightful presentation about improving delivered efficiency of electricity

Energy Policy Enough to Make America Fail

“All of the Above” Must Be Weighted by Common Sense  [AWED advocates “All of the Sensible“]

The Future Environment in the Energy Business

Wind Energy Facts and Fiction: A Half Truth is a Whole Lie

Watts With the Wind: a comprehensive Ontario study

Government at Any Cost

How language is used as a barrier when discussing technical topics



The Coming Crisis in Electricity Generation  Turbine-not

Turbines wear out much sooner than expected

Wind energy capacity factors less than claimed

A good map of wind energy capacity factors, by state

An article about how weather’s unreliability affects wind power

Public Must Face True Cost Of Unreliable Renewables

Renewables should be called Unreliables

Do Wind Turbines Generate DC or AC, and Why?



See our page about Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking).