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We have a free monthly Newsletter that supplements what’s in the website. (Here are some of the prior issues.) Please email John to get on the list for that — or for any other energy question you have.

We can only succeed in changing energy and environmental policies with YOUR help.

There are dozens of ways you can provide valuable assistance to other citizens: make phone calls, research a topic, help with the website, provide PR insights, write an article, give a talk, pass on good media connections, create a video, etc. Please contact John to let him know what you are willing to do. Many hands make light work!

Can our small volunteer coalition really make a difference? Look at this recent Sierra Club report. Their exhaustive analysis concluded (see page 16) that we are one of the top two renewable energy influences in the US — along with the billionaire Koch brothers! While the Koch brothers (who are not in our network) generously hand out money to several organizations, our contribution is that we distribute information.

Clearly, it is also important for citizens to speak up on energy and environmental issues — otherwise all our representatives hear from are special-interest lobbyists. Use the information below to reach your elected representatives and let them know that you insist that technical policies be based on real Science. [If you have requested to be on our email list, we will let you know when there are special situations that need specific communications sent.]

Below is some other worthwhile political contact information:


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The toll-free switchboard number for the Washington DC Capitol Building is 1-866-220-0044. (If that number is busy you can also reach the Capitol at 202-224-3121.)



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