Sample Videos

I had hoped to put together a collection of good energy videos, but it soon became apparent that this would be a full time job. Instead here is a tiny sample of what’s available. If you have a particular need, email me with specifics.

The short videos in the Jane Talks Energy series: Part 1Part 2.  MovieStrip

Windfall is an award-winning movie about what wind energy does to communities

Wind Rush is a quality Canadian TV wind energy documentary

Down Wind is another excellent documentary

A sordid TV news story of the wind energy process — similar everywhere

Here is a collection of worthwhile energy videos from insightful Alex Epstein

Two videos on why climate computer models are suspect: 1) a 4± minute video in the PragerU style, and 2) a 20± minute film designed for a deeper understanding

Amazing Grace is a major Hollywood film about the political process

Alice in Wonderland is a script (for a play/film) about RPS (see lower part of this).


Turbine Simulations

To see how wind turbines might look in the Thousand Islands (an example of the extraordinarily scenic areas in upstate NY that developers are heavily targeting) see these simulations.

Although no wind turbines are currently proposed for Boldt Castle, the point of these simulations is to not only give perspective as to the size of wind turbines compared to well-known structures, but to also demonstrate the visual impact they would have on world-class venues — many of which we often take for granted. Can this really be acceptable because of some financial payoff? 

Chris Craft on the Saint Lawrence River     Boldt Castle Boathouse     Boldt Castle

A special thanks to Dave Beaudoin who put these animations together from John’s photos.