More Economic Information

This material is for those who understand energy basics, and want to become even more knowledgeable about these topics. Since there is so much material to cover, we’ve divided it into three categories, based on the topics that would be a part of a genuine scientific assessment: TechnicalEconomic, and Environmental.

Remember that this is just a small sampling of energy related financial articles!  If you can’t find the Economic information you’re interested in here, go to one of the sources listed on our Current News page and do a specific search in their archives for what you are looking for.

If you only have the time to review one financial document, then look at Wind Energy: Local Economics 101.

Brookings Report: Economically, Wind and Solar Are Our Worst Options

MIT Report: Comparing the Costs of Intermittent and Dispatchable Electricity Sources

The Levelized Cost of Existing Electricity Sources

The Unseen Costs of Wind-Generated Electricity

Industrial Wind Plants: Bad Economics, Bad Ecology

The High Cost of Wind and Solar

The Hidden Costs of Wind Energy

Why Wind Power Has Low Economic Value

The Full Cost of Wind and Solar are Simply Staggering

The True Cost of Electricity from Wind is Always Underestimated and its Value is Always Overestimated

The Economic Importance of Bats in Agriculture and US County dollar calculations

Making Sense of Levelized Energy Costs

The Levelized Costs of Electricity Generation

The Poverty of Renewables

True Cost of Energy — Wind

Electricity Costs: The Folly of Wind Energy

A few dozen reports about the inaccuracy of wind energy job claims by lobbyists

Wind Energy: the Case of Denmark

How AWEA’s Job Claims are Bogus

A superior article on decommissioning costs

The Economic and Social Costs of Electricity Production: Small Modular Reactors

EIA’s most recent electricity costs, by state

Wind Energy Subsidies

Everything you want to know about the US Wind Energy PTC (Production Tax Credit)

Wind Energy’s Cost of Saving CO2

$1.7 TRILLION Spent on Wind & Solar: Zero CO2 Abated!

The true, tragic cost of wind energy  Illusion

The High Cost of Wind Energy as a Carbon-Dioxide Reduction Method

“Affordable Energy” taking priority over CO2 “abatement”

Wind Energy Cost to Key Industries

Real Estatea large collection of articles about wind’s negative effect on residential property value  HoveValueDecline

Agriculture: see how wind energy clashes with real farming.

Tourism: a sample report how tourism can be severely affected.

Military: an overview of the multiple ways wind energy can adversely affect military installations.

Note: these are all in addition to the fact that every business will be adversely affected by the higher costs of electricity generated by wind energy.