Sample Billboards


Idaho BillboardReference: Tauna Christensen; Company: Lamar


Swindle_BillboardReference: Preston McClanahan* & Irene Gilbert; Company: Meadow



Reference: Preston McClanahan* & Deanna Beougher; Company: Clear Channel Outdoor



Reference: Esther Wrightman; Company: CBS



Reference: Steve HunterJohn Droz


Reference: Diane Frazier



Reference: Preston McClanahan*



Reference: Preston McClanahan*


*Preston McClanahan was Professor Emeritus of Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design (now retired). He has been a superior supporter of our efforts. He has been very helpful in creating effective designs, and has been a willing consultant to billboard and sign ideas.

If you have an example of an additional good wind related billboard, please send the info to John Droz. The criteria we are looking for are: 1) universal applicability, 2) brevity [KISS], and 3) powerful message.


Note: Prior to erecting a new billboard that duplicates one of these, please make sure to check all copyrights (e.g. with the individuals and company’s listed above).

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