More Health and Environmental Information

This material is for those who understand energy basics, and want to become even more knowledgeable about these topics. Since there is so much material to cover, we’ve divided it into three categories, based on the topics that would be a part of a genuine scientific assessment: TechnicalEconomic and Environmental.

Remember that this is just a small sampling of energy related environmental articles! If you can’t find the Environmental information you’re interested in here, go to one of the sources listed on our Current News page and do a specific search in their archives for what you are looking for. [Note: for simplicity sake we are including human health impacts under the Environmental category.]


Human Impact

A sample of the numerous studies done about the adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines

A collection of numerous peer-reviewed studies on the health effects due to industrial wind turbines

Multiple Peer-Reviewed Reports about the adverse impact wind turbine noise has on human health

Brown County (Wisc) Health Board rules that wind energy is a health hazard

The official position of Poland’s National Institute of Public Health on industrial wind turbines

Low Frequency Noise and Industrial Wind TurbinesHeadache

An exceptional critique of the Massachusetts “health” report, by an MIT PhD

Sleep duration predicts cardiovascular outcomes (a Peer Reviewed study)

Adverse Health Effects of Wind Turbines (Peer Reviewed)

A superior collection of turbine health related reports

A worthwhile site about turbine noise and health issues

Wind Turbine Noise and Human Perception: superior

Are Wind Projects Too Close to Communities? (Peer Reviewed)

A Cooperative Measurement Survey and Analysis of Infrasound

In China, the true cost of the “clean & green” wind power experiment: Pollution on a disastrous scale

Wind Energy: A Review of Human Health & Safety Concerns

Ontario Health Unit Hears Results of Turbine Study

Health Experiments on People without their Consent

Scientific Evidence of Turbine Infrasound

Wind Turbine infrasound is a unique environmental noise

Review of Noise Studies and Related Material

Health Effects of Infrasound can Cause Death

Seismic Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines

Concerns of crop dusters regarding wind turbines

Summary of Wind Turbine Accident data (please report accidents, etc. to these people)

world map of reported incidents caused by wind turbines (please report accidents, etc. to these people)


Environmental Overviews

The shocking environmental cost of renewable energy     Turbine Fire3

Wind Farms Gone Wild

A fine piece about environmental hypocrisy

Nature Defeated

Ecological Effects of Wind Energy Development

The Wrong Way To Get to Green

Big Wind and Avian Mortality

Bats Killed In Large Numbers

30 Million Birds Annually Killed by Wind Turbines

Renewable Energy: The Vision and a Dose of Reality

Five Environmental Myths About Green Energy

Environmental Groups Endorse “None of the Above” Energy

Wind projects’ negative impact on the local weather: for up to 15 miles away!

Evaluation of Wind Power Avoided Emissions Benefits

Wind Integration Incremental Emissions: part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5


Wildlife and Domestic Animal “Takings”

Wind Turbines Are Killing Our Birds eagle

John Muir Trust and Wind Turbines

Trampling on people, environment, science and ethics

The hypocrisy of The Endangered Species Act

Big Wind and Avian Mortality: Part 1 & Part 2

Expert says Turbine Bird Deaths may be Underreported

German wind turbines kill over 200,000 bats a year

Do Wind Turbines Harm Animals?

Wind Energy = Animal Deaths and Deformities?

Modern Wind Turbines Generate Dangerously “Dirty” Electricity

Study: The Effects of Turbines on Wildlife, Livestock, and Domestic Animals (¶ 5)

Study: Infrasound Effects on Land Based Animals and Freshwater Creatures