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This AWED site is a representative collection of good articles, studies and reports — designed to get citizens adequately educated about key energy and environmental matters. It is not our intent to list ALL material on these subjects, as that would literally be thousands of documents. Furthermore, other websites already do a good job of daily listing new material. Stay up-to-date on energy and environmental issues with these resources:

AWED’s Newsletter is published at MasterResource every 3 weeks. Check here for recent issues. Due to multiple requests, we have created an index of all of the prior Newsletters (back to 2009), where each year is fully searchable.
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Steam Turbine Generator

Some other good sources that are primarily about energy matters:  
National Wind Watch daily reports on wind energy news
Industrial Wind Action group also collects wind energy news
— For NY State related wind news, ask to be on industry insider Rob Aliasso’s list
— New England energy news by Vermonters for a Clean Environment
— For Canadian focused wind news, see Ontario Wind Resistance
Stop These Things is a no-holds-barred collection of articles on wind energy


These cover both both energy and “global warming” matters:
Master Resource  has a useful daily article on energy or environmental matters
— Subscribe to the Global Warming Policy Foundation‘s newsletter
— The Cooler Heads Digest has a periodic newsletter regarding energy and environmental matters
— Get on the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) newsletter  climate change road sign
— What’s Up With That is a powerful blog for skeptics
— The No Frakking Consensus has some good energy and environmental insights
Dr. Alan Moran has an excellent energy and environmental newsletter
— Jo Nova: Tackling Tribal Groupthink
Cornwall Alliance has a faith-based energy and environmental newsletter


These are mostly about “global warming” matters:  
— NIPCC has a large archive of climate related materials
— Dr. Judith Curry’s Climate, etc. is excellent
Climate Change Weekly


Note: there are probably a hundred good sites that have worthwhile material on energy and environmental matters. This is not a comprehensive list, but rather a representative sampling. If you have an outstanding science-based site or newsletter that you think we should add, please let us know.