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There are quite a few very important studies, reports, and analyses throughout this website. To make it easier to clearly see the Big Picture, we are duplicating some of those Key Documents on this page.

Remember: a proper wind ordinance is by FAR the most effective defense that local communities have. Such a law is not about excluding industrial wind energy, but rather protecting the health, safety, and welfare of citizens, small local businesses, regional ecosystems, and the military.

[Note: every state’s Constitution or General Statutes has a provision about local legislators being obligated to protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens. It is imperative to find that in your state, and then cite it repeatedly.]

To get a protective wind law passed, the most effective strategy is to focus on the NET economics. To convey that message, local citizen-rights advocates need to have a firm grasp on industrial wind energy realities, and Public Relations. [As a reference source, this interactive map shows all installed US wind turbines as of 1/18.]


Economic Arguments:

Why Local Economics is the Winning Strategy

Wind Energy: Local Economics 101 (this includes some of the material below)

Agricultural Yield Reductions due to Bats Killed by Turbines and WNS, plus $ for each US County

2016 NC State University Tourism Study (and several more)

2016 Clarkson PhD Property Value Study (and many more)

Some Human Health Costs (and many more health studies)

The Shocking Cost of Renewable Energy (and several other such reports)

Jobs Lost Due to Increased Cost of Electricity (and numerous other similar studies)

Wind Energy Clashes with Real Farming

Wind Energy Is Not Compatible with Hunting (and possibly fishing)

Industrial Wind Energy’s Impact on the Military (using NC examples)

Wind Energy Can Interfere with Multiple Communications (including Radar)

—> A Sample Wind Project’s Economic Analysis


Legal Documents:

An overview: Writing an Effective Local Wind Law

The National Model Local Wind Law with a Bullet Points summary

Support for a Property Value Guarantee

Support for a 1 Mile Setback (from property lines)

Support for 35 dBA Sound Limit (24/7/365)

A comparison of wind laws for sample NYS communities

A superior study of the regulatory issues involved, by the town of Bethany, NY

Legal Options for citizens, if a proper wind law does not get passed


Understanding Public Relations & Wind Energy Realities:

Some Local Legislators Perspective on Wind Energy

A Plan of Action

An Analysis of Anti-Wind Strategies

What Not To Say

It’s STRONGLY advisable that the community should see the movie Windfall

40+ Legal and Economic Concerns for Potential Wind Energy Leaseholders

Twenty Bad Things About Wind Energy: a synopsis of all the wind energy justifications — and the reality

Energy and Mankind


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