Prior President’s Plan

In late June of 2013, President Obama made a landmark talk at Georgetown University. In it he outlined his beliefs about Global Warming, and what he hoped to do in the energy arena to support his opinions. The President followed up on his talk with more of the same in a subsequent weekly radio address.

[Note that their newest PR tactic was on display: since citizens have already been flogged into insensitivity with the end-of-the world malarky, their tactic now is that it’s your kids at stake!]

The President appears to be quite proud of the fact that he is largely bypassing Congress (the elected representatives of the people), and acting contrary to the wishes of US citizenry. Additionally the fact that his unilateral actions will likely result in widespread economic harm to the countrythousands of net jobs lost, and a reduction of our security — are also taken as a badge of honor.

This makes perfect sense once one fully grasps that this is a religious campaign, and the main tenet of this secular belief is: “The End Justifies The Means.” Put another way: a lot of casualties are a necessary byproduct of war.

There was an immediate, very strong backlash from dozens of independent experts on the elements of that talk. Below is a sampling of those reports.

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What can you do? Despite this blatant end-run attempt, Congress still has some say here — for instance they control the purse strings of government agencies. Please call your Representative and Senator to express your views: 1-866-220-0044.


PS — If you’d like to dig a little deeper, here’s more. Thanks to Bob Ferguson (president of SPPI) for most of the following summary.
Claims that CO2 emissions are “contributing to higher rates of asthma attacks, plus more frequent and severe floods and heat waves” not only lack scientific and observational validity, but the growing body of literature across a broad spectrum of related fields of research often contradicts such claims. Bob’s quick search of  web resources returns ample review papers of CO2 and climate related research, for example: