PTC Job Claims

Since job claims are the main argument that lobbyists are using to try to justify the PTC, this page of information should put their assertions into a more realistic perspective.

Ten Talking Points:

    • 1-Essentially ALL of the job claims made for the extension of the PTC, come from one source: AWEA (American Wind Energy Association). AWEA’s only job is to promote the wind energy business.
    • 2-None of the PTC job claims made by AWEA have provided the specific details, or have been independently verified by qualified, disinterested sources. The net result is that these claims are questionable at best.
    • 3-There is considerable evidence that green job and wind job claims are highly exaggerated (e.g. see some of the reports listed below).
    • 4-When job claims are made, one of the most significant considerations is: what is the NET jobs impact? None of the wind lobbyist jobs claims are NET. 
    • 5-Several studies done by independent experts have concluded that wind development results in a NET jobs loss. (See Home page Professional presentation and some of the reports listed below.)
    • 6-Another important consideration is: what is the cost per job created? Analyses by independent financial experts conclude that the cost per wind job created by such subsidies, is extremely high. (See Home page Professional presentation and some of the reports listed below.)
    • 7-Of course any tax handout (e.g. the PTC) will create jobs. An important consideration is: how many jobs would be created if the same amount of tax revenue was directed elsewhere? Wind lobbyists never objectively examine that question.
    • 8-Another major consideration is: what is the net societal benefit of any created jobs? Wind lobbyists have provided zero scientific proof of any societal net gains.
    • 9-A proven way to have widespread job increases is to have reliable, less expensive energy. Wind energy is unreliable and more expensive, so how can that possibly be the sensible way to go?
    • 10-Congress has estimated that the PTC credit will cost taxpayers over $12 Billion — for just a one year extension. In effect this will be money borrowed from China, that will increase our national debt. Are these wise moves when this situation is looked at impassionately?

These types of considerations are discussed in the slide presentations (Full or Executive), and in the following sample studies, reports and articles. After reading these carefully, any objective observer will conclude that extending the PTC is not a wise financial move from a NET jobs or economics perspective.

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